At the Zoo - Panda Bears

I am sure you all know by now; but for the new readers, I will talk about it again. Hi! I am La'Shawn and I am obsessed with panda bears. Want proof? Well, you can check out all these blog posts about panda bears! You can also just scroll up a bit...Well hello there panda!  🐼 🐼 My nickname is Shawn Bear for a reason!

You get it. I like panda bears. If I see a kit with them in it, it is mine. If I have a designer throw a question out there about what should be in a kit...yep...panda bears. With that in mind, I am on the creative team for Clever Monkey Graphics. She was talking about designing a cool new kit and needed animal suggestions. So of course I threw that out there.

Here is the layout I made with said collection; and I will link you to that below.

This is one of my new favorite layouts. I think this photo and the composition just worked perfectly together.Not to mention they are so fluffy!!!

Here are the digital scrapbooking supplies I used to make this kit:

We've all seen it now... the guy with the skinny pants a little too short, interesting facial hair configuration, the plaid shirt or a vest, and yes.. the man-bun. The hipster is solidly amongst us. So why not bring the fun feel of hipster to the zoo.

There is also a bundle (shown below) and you can get individual pieces in her store

 This layout is made by products I got for free from the designer. I provide layouts for the designers to showcase with their product and use in ads. Getting these products for free do not influence what I publish on Shawn Bear Scraps. All products showcased are products I love and want others to know about. Otherwise I make layouts for ad purposes and you never see it here on the blog!
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