Boy Zone

That's my house! Well vortex of Isaiah really. You can tell where he has been playing. There is the center point and then it spreads out in craziness. I would take a photo and post it one day, if I wasn't embarrassed of it. :) We make him clean up after himself daily. Well, usually daily. But it is amazing how quickly the living room and play room can go from clean to explosion in a few seconds. Truly amazing.
This "Boy Zone" is awesome though. One of my favorite things about Sunshine Studio is their store collab. I have been buying them since the store opened. They are super cheap and packed full of amazing items. And you know with a name like this one, I am going to love it. There is no full preview, but you can get the idea with this peak and my layout. Check it out and then go snag the awesome kit up. It's only $3!!

That's it for me today. I am off to catch some zzz's! Cheers!

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