Just Like Mommy

Good Morning. I don't know if I have ever said on here or not. When I was pregnant, I prayed a lot that I would have a little boy. Not that girls are not grand and all. I am a girl after all. ;) That's just it. I am a girl but I am one mouthy and stubborn female. I never gave my mom much grief growing up. I didn't do drugs or drink. I was bad about not doing my homework. (I am a tad lazy) But I could argue with the best of them. And when I say best of them....I mean my mom. lol. Yeah, so I didn't want to raise a mouthy, stubborn girl who could argue with the best of them...me.
God answered my prayers. :) I got my boy! I just got my mouthy, stubborn boy who I am pretty sure is going to be able to argue with the best of them. My hubby already states that he is not looking forward to when Isaiah is in his teens and we argue.
Isaiah is really a sweet boy. He can be in his bed nearly asleep and hear you sneeze and yell "bless you" across the house. He LOVES to help me clean and do laundry. He loves to cuddle in "mommy's bed" and give hugs and kisses. But boy if it is in the morning (another me trait) he hates the world and is screaming and yelling and punching and kicking. If he is in a foul mood (another me trait) the world should be with him! {sigh} so....he might be a boy...but he is my mini me.
With ALL that being said. when I saw Ellie Lash and Geek Chic's newest collab "Apple of My Eye" I just new I had to scrap the essence of this. It is your normal Apple of your eye kit. With the all it's cuteness, apples and it seriously makes me want to bite into an apple. But the apple that is bit into and the little word tabs, fit perfect for this. Check this cutie collab out (image is linked) :

Here is my layout Sorry for the rambling...I am tired. :)


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