Picture This!

I told you that you wouldn't want to miss this. What do ALL scrappers have in common? We might have different styles, like different designers, and shop at different stores. But I bet we all love to take photos. After all....isn't that what this is really about?!?
I take SO many photos. I just have my little point and shoot. I ♥ it and carry it around with me pretty much everywhere. One of these days though, I will get a better camera. (My point and shoot will still follow me around though) Well, my constant need for taking photos and that constant need being fulfilled by an adorable child by the nickname of Bug, has created a monster. Isaiah has had a flash of a camera in his face from the moment he was born. Constantly. At one point he hated it! Now, he asks for the "camaera" and to take pictures. I had to give him one of my old ones so he could "take pictures" He will make me and his daddy say "cheese" and then he will look at the screen and say "awh!" I had no idea I did that...Jerr says I do. :) lol. I am quite alright with my little shutter bug though!

Check out Nikki's "Picture This" perfect for all of us shutter bugs. Has all the cameras we need in it, a lens, memory card, frame, perfect papers. I just ♥ it! Check it out (image is linked):

and check out Bug...the shutterbug. lol


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