Happy Birthday Bug!!

Since we celebrated Bug's birthday earlier this month, it has come up on us really fast. (that also means one week until Christmas! Yikes!) But I wanted to pop back in here today and wish my most favorite little man and the bestest little Bug a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hey is 3 years old today! {sniff sniff} They really do grow up too fast.
I remember them telling me that they were going to take him a month early due to my declining health. Feeling totally unprepared. To totally elated. Nothing prepares you for that feeling of becoming a mommy for the first time. He had colic for nearly 5 months. He came out looking just like his daddy...well in baby form. He never liked cuddling...still doesn't. (unless he wants something)
He is now a very opinionated 3 year old boy. He looks just like his Daddy and acts just like his Mommy...besides the whole not liking to eat thing. I didn't get this fluffy figure by not liking to eat. lol. He is SO smart and so funny! I love my Bug so much.
Happy Birthday Bug!!
Here is my Bug when he was first born....the best present and stocking stuffer I ever had!!

and here he is on his birthday party:

Thanks for stopping by again!

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