LOTS of pretties!

Howdy! I got lots of goodies to show you today so I am just going to jump right into it.
I am guesting for Laura Banasiak this month and she is guesting for Scrap Orchard. Lot of guesting. :) But it is totally awesome! Laura has been one of my fav designers for a while and Scrap Orchard was the 1st store I ever bought from and one of my fav!
She has two kits over there now that are awesome and way different from each other."Dude Man Whoa" and "To a T"
Dude Man Whoa is perfect for those boys or even those pages for those girls who dont always get along. It is versatile enough to scrap just about anything. I scrapped my silly little boy. Check it out:

and for this page I used a new to the designing world designer. Queen of Hearts is a new template designer. She is not new to the scrapping world though! I really think she is going to be a rock star among the template designers. I used her new "Color Pops V1" template set on this page. Love the layering!! Check it out:
Laura's "To a T" is her new kit at Scrap Orchard this week. For the girly girl in your life who's all sugar, this kit will fit her.. to a t! But as you can see...you can scrap those guys in your life too!

and a last goodie but for sure not least. I am telling you Queen of Hearts is going to be the Queen of the templates! I am a template junkie. I hardly seem to scrap without them these days. Check out another set from her " 4 Seasons: Winter" 4 fun and amazing templates for your to scrap your winter photos or your everyday photos. Color is based on the FWP collab for December at DSB!!! If you wish to scrap everyday photos, simply delete the snowflake layer and viola you have non winter templates!!!! Which is what I did. They are super versatile and I love her layering as always!

(click HERE for kit credits)

Whew, that was a lot. I have just been scrapping with these ladies designs like crazy and wanted to show them off...and believe it or not...that isn't all of them. :)
I hope everyone is having a great day and isn't freezing their rears off!
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