Good Sunday Morning!
Short post from me today. I will be at work when this posts...I will always be at work when my weekend blogs post. Working 13 hours shifts, doesn't allow much time for me to scrap on the weekends. :( But I still wanted to show you some awesome scrappy goodness.
Check out this awesome set of templates. I dont know if you are a template user. I know a lot of scrappers out there are. I see all the time, "I hardy scrap without one" I also know there are some that dont touch them. I am a template junkie. I can scrap without them, and I do. But I love templates. They take me to different scrapping levels that I wouldnt normally take myself. They get me out of scrapping funks, and help me scrap in a scrappy hurry. :) Lilacs in Bloom templates really are different than the normal templates I scrap with. She fills the paper and clusters away. She really knows how to use space! I swear that after I use one of her templates, I step back and just look at my pages in awe. Not at my scrapping wonderfulness. lol. But just at where my page ended up. I would have never gotten there without the help of her templates....wait, I said this was going to be a short post. lol. Here is the templates and my page. "Lathia's Utopia - Templates by Lilacs in Bloom"

You can click HERE for kit credits
Thanks for stopping by today!
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