Jerr's Pick of the Week - Vol. 005

Well, it has been a while since I have done "Jerr's Pick of the Week"! It isn't really a pick of the week anymore. Although, I think I might get back doing that. I have cut back on my creative team duties and have found that I actually have time to scrap from my large digital scrapbooking stash. That is exactly what I did with this.

What is Jerr's Pick of the Week? It is where I have my doting husband, Jeremy pick out digital scrapbooking supplies for me to scrap with. I know that not every husband out there would do that. In fact, I have seen plenty of women post around the digital scrapbooking world that their husbands not only don't get the digital scrapbooking thing, but hate that they do it. That just blows my mind!

My husband has always shown interest in my digital scrapbooking hobby. He realizes there is a benefit for him as well. He is one of the most forgetful people you'll ever meet. That is why we make such a great team! Well, one of the reasons anyway. Where he forgets things, I remember lots. Too much probably. On top of that, I scrap those things he forgets.

He has looked back at pages and books before and commented that he wouldn't have remembered that moment had it not been for looking at the scrapbook page. I count myself so lucky blessed to have a supportive husband like that!!

The Jerr's pick of the week came from him commenting on kits that he liked. I have an embarrassingly large digital scrapbooking collection. So, I told him to go in and pick out a kit he would like me to scrap with. That is how this topic was born. It has been over a year since I've last posted Jerr's Pick of the Week. Actually...It has been four years! So, without further ramblings, here is the latest pick.

I had been waiting to use this kit since I won it at the start of the year. I never had used Tangi's items before. I won a GC to her store and laid eyes on this collection. As you can tell by the photos, this just had to be mine!!
Love the Doctor by Tangie Baxter

My son and I are Doctor Who nerds. He wanted to be a Dalek for Halloween. My amazing mother made it happen; and I scrapped it! She also made my TARDIS sweatshirt.

I also used What's your Angle templates from Christaly. 

There you have it. Another edition of Jerr's Pick of the Week. I hope that from here on out, this will be a weekly thing. Happy Scrapping! 

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