Keep Your Chin Up!

Good evening! I am finally able to get out of the bed and kinda function. Seriously I cannot catch a break it seems. I tossed my hair over to blow dry it (like I have done since I have been 13ish) and couldnt stand back up. Yep. That's right. I threw my back out. But with a lot of care from my hubby, icy hot, heating pad, and lying around today (oh yeah, and care from Bug too. lol) I seem to be on the mend. But boy did it hurt!! I am still moving like an old woman. lol. But, I really came here to show you Pixelily's newest kit. Yay!! :) 

Keep Your Chin Up
by Pixelily Designs

and here is my layout:
(That is me, Bug, and my Mommy)

I also used Aprilisa Designs' newest set of templates for my kit. Check these pretty templates out:

Picture Perfect #11
by Aprilisa Designs

Well, that is it for now.I am going to go crawl back in bed. I can't stay up all night tonight. I hopefully will have a fun filled day with both my guys tomorrow. :) 
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