A Happy Bug

Hello! So...I call Isaiah my Bug. :) He calls himself "Mommy's Bug" Or "No Mommy's Bug!" when he is mad at me. :) I am not exactly sure how the Bug nickname came about. I am kinda big about giving people nicknames and such. But Bug fits. After all, my mom has called me Ladybug for as long as I can remember. I think since I have been born. After all, her nickname is also Ladybug. So, he is Mommy's Bug. So, when I saw Bella Gypsy's new kit "Mr Wiggle Worm" I was ecstatic! That is Isaiah. If he is any kinda bug, he is a wiggle worm. Since I was pregnant with him, that child has wiggled and hasn't stopped. Even today when Jerr and I was standing at the door watching him sleep, we commented on the fact that he doesn't even stop moving when he is sleeping. So check this cool kit out (there is a Miss. Wiggle Worm kit too!!)

And one thing that my Bug is (well most the time anyway. lol) is all smiles. And boy does he have a smile. I can just see his eyes and know he is smiling. Has been that way since he was a tiny little tyke. He smiles with his entire face. But of course, being Isaiah, he doesn't do any kind of emotion half way. (part of being a little drama king and a little boy version of his mommy. ha!) So I just had to scrap his big bright smile with Connie Prince's big bright new collab with Enkay Designs called "Happiness Happens" This is such a FUN kit!
I told you right?!? Big 'ol smile. :D {sigh} he knows how to get me. I can't stay mad at him long. Probably why he is spoiled rotten!

Until next time!

♥, La'Shawn

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