About Me: Part 2

Hello! I am back today with part 2 of the getting to know me blog challenge. I am having fun so far! I dont know if anyone out there really cares to get to know me more. But, I thought it would be fun to make my blog a little more than what it was. I am going to do the next 3 prompts in the challenge today. Here they are:

#2-Meaning behind your blog name
Well my blog name is Shawn Bear Scraps. Pretty simple. My nickname given to by my hubby (who I call Jerr Bear. Sappy, I know!) Is Shawn Bear. I use that in the digi-world for my username. The blog was about scrapping, scraps of my life, and my scrapbook pages....so...Shawn Bear Scraps.

#3-Your first love
I am sure Jeremy is going to love reading about this. My first love was actually the guy I dated before Jeremy. He was my high school sweetheart. Who shall remain nameless on the blog. I do know people who read this that still know him and his family. He was a year younger than me in school. Played the drums in the marching band. I played the trumpet. We dated from the end of my Junior year until I was 20 years old. We were engaged. I am not exactly sure if he was seriously ever going to marry me. I was however going to marry him. I was heartbroken when it ended. I lived with him and his mom. His mom was like my best friend. I am not sure if I missed him or his family most after the break-up.

#4-Your parents
I have lots of parents. 2 moms and 2 dads. If you count in-laws I have 3 of each. lol.
So I am only going to talk about the ones I actually see. I wont go into details on why I dont see my Dad and step mom.

My Mom and Daddy-O
My mom had us really young and was a single parent really young. She had lots of struggles to overcome and she did I think she did a great job raising my sister and myself. I think she is a strong an amazing woman to have gone through what she has gone through in her life and to be where she is today. She met my step-dad, who I call Daddy-O when I was 20. His name is Tim. He has gone far beyond the duties of a step father. I think he might shoot you if you tried telling him my sister and I were not his girls and our kids were not his grand kids.

My In Laws.
I wont post their names on here for their privacy sakes. But they are wonderful people. They raised a fantastic, honorable, loyal, and sweet man. They accepted me in their family and love me like a daughter and are a fantastic Nona and Pop-Pop. They have been married for 30+ years I believe. That is just amazing in this day and age and I admire them for that.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you are not too bored with getting to know me a little bit more. :)
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