This house?!?

I just realized when I pulled out my camera today I totally failed last weeks P52! It just slipped my mind. I guess since we didn't do anything last week, there really wasn't anything to take a photo of. Sigh. Well, I have taken this weeks, and I will have it posted next Monday. I just can't believe it escaped me like that. Oh well.
Another week of really not doing anything. Isaiah and I did a lot of chilling at the house. Monday Jeremy was off work with us. That was a nice surprise. He got up Monday, went to work, and then came back home. For a while, he schedual will be Tuesday - Saturday. Which is a double benefit. He will be at home Monday with Isaiah and me. Yay! A day off together. We will also work together Friday and Saturday. Yay again! More time with Jeremy. I am a solitary person. I really do not mind being by myself. But I really would like more time with the Hubby. :)
New house?!? That's right. Jeremy and I were thinking about looking for a new place to rent. We talked and thought it was time to buy. Woot! So the process of looking and buying a house has started. I am in house ♥. Seriously. We have spent about 2 weeks looking around online and driving around and we have found a house that is so much house for the money. An added benefit, it is in my sisters neighborhood. Yay! So, this summer we could be possibly be hanging out at one of the houses with the 3 boys. (She is about to have her 2nd son)
Here are the photos of the house that I am in ♥ with:

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