Reading Opens Worlds!

Good morning. I am sitting here as the painters are outside talking about how I was asleep when they got here. Yeah, I was. I wasnt waiting up for them to get here when they didnt give a set time. I totally answered the door in my PJs too! :D Now, get in the house, stop talking about me, and get to work! Geez! The guy who did my floors was fantastic and a really nice guy. Guess, I was expecting that. But once the wall painting is done, our fixing the floor venture is done! Thank the Lord!
Today is also a great day for me!! I am going to go have lunch with my sisters. That's right. It was plural. I honestly can not remember the last time all 3 of us hung out together. I am sure it was when we were kids. There is a lot of history there. Not all of it the best. But, this lunch is for new beginnings. As the older of the 3, I couldn't be happier!! I just might cry!!
But you didnt come here to listen to me complain about painters and get sappy about my sisters. You know what time it is!! It is scrappy time! With maybe a freebie thrown in. ;)
A Different World

by Pardon The Mess
Reading is one of my favorite ways to pass my spare time. Do you or anyone one in your family enjoy reading? This kit is great for scrapping about those literary adventures!
You can get the BUNDLE or the KIT
The Bundle includes the kit seen above as well as 3 Full Alpha Sets, 20 Styles, and 5 WordArt Quotes **Exclusive to this bundle**

A Different World Template Pack

by Pardon The Mess
This four (4) pack of templates coordinates with our "A Different World" kit, but would work with any kit! This set features a book theme. Two of the four templates fit together to make a double layout book. My above LO I also used these awesome & unique templates.
Run over and grab these awesome goodies up! And here is a little freebie for your scrapping pleasure. I love comments so comment away and feel free to follow me. I have about a freebie a week. :D Click HERE to download.

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