Road Trip...headache...&...floors!

Good afternoon. Well, this Monday was nothing like I planned it to be. As I was going to sleep last night, I felt a headache coming on. Instead of being proactive and taking meds, I was lazy and just went to sleep. Yeah, bad mistake. I woke up with a killer migraine. :( Which meant no pool for Isaiah and me lying in the bed in misery. Trying not to puke on my little guy while he was loving on me and kissing my forehead to "make it better." Yeah, I am that loved! :D In the middle of all that, Jerr sends me a text to tell me the floor people are coming over. Wonderful. I mean I am happy they are coming to fix the floors...finally. But dont think that will help my head any. I doped myself up on migrane meds, turned the a/c down and slept for hours. By the time the floor people got here (late) my migraine was just a headache. That is bearable and I will happily deal with that to get my floors in!! So, that is what he is doing while I am doing this.
But, really I came here today to show you a really cool kit! I have scrapped my vacation silly! But on the way back, I took photos in the car. Jerr asked me what I was doing. lol. (I was in full scrappy momma mode. lol) I told him "I bet I am going to need these" Sure enough...I did!

Road Trip

by Modern June Designs

Seriously the best road trip kit ever! I just adore the colors and I dont think there is an element missing out of this kit. Perfect for road trips, vacations, or...even if your a truck driver. :D
I also used a great template set by Nanie's Designs.

Sassy Starters Half-Pack 6

Thanks for stopping by today. I think I am going to crawl back in bed and take a nap with my Bug. My head still hurts pretty bad and the banging around in the living room...although I am glad they are here....isnt helping. Until next time!
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