Dreaming of You

Good afternoon. I just got back home from lunch with Jerr. I am not a fan of leaving the house. I much rather just hermit up in the house when I am not at work. But when it is always nice to go have lunch with my two guys! We went to go look at more flooring for the house. Yay! We are at that point. The contractor is just waiting on us to pick something out so that he can get to work on fixing it back up. We are not fighting, by any means, but we are are not agreeing on the flooring. The paint for the walls was easy. The floors we struggle with. I think we finally have it picked out now. So, it shouldn't be too much longer before my floors are fixed and my living room is habitable again. I know two guys that live with me that will be happy! They miss that big TV. lol. I am a more of a cuddle up on the bed and read while I am watching TV type of person (unless I am watching Bones. That gets my undivided attention. lol)
I really stopped by today to show you a kit from Pardon The Mess. It is such a pretty kit!
Dreaming of You
Teal + Brown is a favorite color combination of Sarah's. Dreaming of You is a colorful kit that is great for all types of layouts.
This Kit Includes 4 Solid Papers, 10 Patterned Papers and 26 Embellishments.
And that to give you a taste of this beautiful kit. Sarah has allowed me to make you a freebie with it. I love making frames so here you go. I hope you enjoy it.
You can click the image or HERE to download. Please leave some ♥ if you do ♥ and feel free to follow the blog. I try to come by with some freebies about once a week. Thank you for stopping by today! Catch ya later!

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