Wordy Wednesday | Vol. 4

Going way back in the gallery archives for today's Wordy Wednesday post. Way back to 2007 for the photo! But the sentiment is still very much the same.

credits: Hello, Goodbye and Hello, Goodbye Alpha by Pixilily Designs

journaling reads:

I wish that we were close as sisters should be. Nikki and I grew up together and I think that now in our adult life and since our boys are so close, we are a lot closer. But it hasn't always been that way. My relationship with Tabby has been something that I have always treasured but has since our adult lives diminished. Sister fight. All siblings do. But it seems like because of our age, personality, distance, we we were both raised, and the reason for the argument, we will never be the same. That makes me so sad. I have always wanted to be the big sister that Tabby has gone to. That never happened. I remember when she was found and we would play for hours outside. I remember spending the night at my dad's and one of the best things was being with Tabby. She has always held a special place in my heart. I have never held bad feelings towards. Even after we fell apart. I love both my sisters very much & wish we were so much closer!

Man, that one got to me. Even typing out the journaling just now, I teared up. Nikki and I are really close now. We live down the street from each other. Talk nearly every day, and try to see each other once a week. I am friends with Tabby on FB. That's a start! :-)

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