Wordy Wednesday | Vol. 5

Going to jump right into today's. It kinda is right along WW Volume 4's journaling. About broken relationships. This one is waaay back in the gallery archive. I think about 2008. The 1st year I started to scrap.

A lesson learned by me. Kinda like a journaling page via scrapping. credits: Not Fit For Public by Laura Banasiak and Litabells Designs

Journaling reads:
Title: Live Lesson Learned

I always thought that family was something you were born into. That the people in your family loved you no matter what. I have always been a good person. I might have a smart mouth or be a bit stand offish sometimes but never a bad person. I never understood then why some people in my life not only chose not to talk to me but it seems not to love me. I have learned that blood is NOT thicker than water. That DNA doesn't make a family. How you can choose to walk away from your family is beyond me. I would fight and kill for mine. How you could choose to say mean and horrible things to your family as a grown adult is beyond my scope of understanding.  I would hurt my own feeling before knowing hurting my family's. Now I do *have* amazing blood family. Who has been with me from the moment I was born and been with me through thick and thin. The good and bad. I woe them so much. They are my TRUE family. Along with the people in the world that have picked me to love. 

Whew, just like the other layout, this one gets to me. It has been 7 years since writing that. 7 years since the incident that caused me to write it. I have gotten older. I have forgiven. I have asked for forgiveness. Do I understand? No. I have learned things in the past 7 years, since this happened, to put things in perspective, but I don't think I will ever understand. I can tell you this though, I am still blessed beyond measure for the family and friends I do have!!

What life lesson have you learned? Have you scrapped a not so positive layout? Comment/link me up!
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