Have a dorky moment with me please.

I am not just a scrapping fanatic…whaaat? :) that’s right. I am also a huge Harry Potter dork. Oh yeah! I have been a Harry Potter dork since I was a young teenager. My sister started reading the first book not long after it came out. She convinced my mom and I we needed to read it. We were hooked. (my mom WAY more than me. lol) I have hardly read a book that hooked me the first chapter. I am also not a fantasy book reader. The Harry Potter books are also the only books, to date, that I have been able to read through more than once. So, with that being said, I am happy and sad that the last movie is coming out this year. Bitter sweet I guess. I have waited on pins and needles and watched every preview with a squeal. So, I was excited to see this preview. Yes, this nearly 30 year old woman squealed and then sighed. I realized it was going to be my last one. {sigh} So…here you go. Watch it with me:

(spoilers if you haven’t read)
I swear I hold my breath every time. Everyone standing over Fred’s body. The dragon. The fight. Eeeek! Lol.
Thanks for taking part in a dorky moment with me.
"Because I have something worth living for" ;)

(Check out MuggleNet if you love HP!)

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