New Release Friday!

Good Morning. I can't believe it is Friday again. I dont know where my weeks are going. But I am not here to complain. I am here to show you some awesome goodies. I did do a lot of scrapping this week, so I have a lot to show you. I will break it up across the weekend though. :) I should be at work when this posts. Working my fingers to the bone and answering about 200+ phone calls. yay! (insert rolling eyes here.) Oh yeah. I wasnt going to complain. lol. On to the goodies!
Today I am going to show you some awesome ScrapMatter's goodies. They have a lot of awesome goodies hitting the store today. Here are a few.
The new SM store collab is out this week. Yay! It is like totally rad! LOL! It's actually Totally 80's. I am a child of the 80s mearly b/c I was born in the 80s. I dont remember it. Dont like the music, or the style, or the movies. Nothing. However, my best friend would probably go back to the 80s and stay. lol. But I scrapped my Mommy with this kit. Can you tell where I get my looks from? I was scrapping these photos and Bug said "It's Mommy!" lol. Check out this totally rad kit!

Up next is a kit right up my alley. You know what that means right? Its a boy kit!! :)
What do you get when Jen Yurko & Amy Stoffel join creative forces? You get one of THE most smashing collab kits EVAH!! If you have a little boy (or tomboy) in your life who is all about dinosaurs, frogs, trains, trucks, snakes, mud or any other type of knee-skinning adventure then look no further….It’s A Boy’s World

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

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