Summer Sprites & Back to School Blues

Good Morning. I am finding myself with very little motivation to scrap. I pulled everything up and then just kept looking at it and doing nothing. lol. So, I thought I would inspire myself with some designs and do so to you too. I know, bad enabler. :) Check out some of JennCK's beautiful designs:
It is that time of year again. Back to school. Well, my little guy is, well too little. He is only 2. But seems that all my high school friends have kids that started Kindergarten this year. That is including my BFF's son. {sob!} She has been my best friend since 9th grade. It seems really impossible that her son is in school. My eyes got misty when I was on facebook and she was headed off to school to drop him off. I had the "Back to School Blues" JennCK has made the perfect kit for those back to school photos. (Minus the mommy...and her BFF's....tears. lol) I love the elements in this fun kit!! Check it out:

There are also some awesome clusters you can purchase to go along with this kit.

And this is my best friends handsome little guy on his first day:

And with the start of school comes the end of summer. I, myself, am not a big fan of summer. Now, if I had a pool I could spend my summer chillin' at...I might be a fan. But it is hot, I get sweaty, it is is HOT. lol. But summer does have it's high points. It does have some awesome holidays, you can swim, play outside more, and the days are longer (working 3rd I like long days. It's nice to see the sun. lol)

JennCK's kit "Summer Sprites" is another awesome thing about summer. This is such a beautiful kit. I don't normally do pink. I am a yellow girl. :) But I was drawn toward the lovely pink and sparkly goodness of this kit. It brought out the girly in me. Being in a house of guys, working in a male dominate profession, and being just plain oh La' was nice to be a bit girly.

can't forget the awesome clusters for this kit:

that's right that sexy chic there basking in summer glory is me. HA! yeah, that's me. Being silly and posing. :D

Wow, so I wasn't much for scrapping but was sure up for talking. lol. Sorry it was long winded. I get chatty when tired and it is my bed time. Thanks for stopping by!

(All images are linked to store!)

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