Picture Perfect Cookin'

Hello! It's me again. :) Well, of course it is. lol. Just popping in before heading off to work to show you some more new releases. Yay! Gotta love the digi goodness. Tis' why I have left this blog 100% digi. I moved the non-digi stuff over to my other blog. Yeah, I am that crazy. I got two of them. But I do love blogging! ♥ :) So anyway, about those awesome digi-goodness...

Cook Like a Man
by Miss Mis Designs

This is a perfect kit for scrapping those men cooking (grilling) it up. Great guy colors and patterns. Along with some steak, grilling supplies, and condiments. What every man/cooking kit needs! :) I was going to scrap my hubby grilling but he had other plans for dinner that night. Frankly, I like these photos better anyway. Its both my guys cooking me dinner! ♥

Lucky girl, right? :)
I also use a new and awesome set of templates for this kit. Who guessed I would have used a template, right? lol. But these super rock! Check them out.

Picture Perfect 9 -Templates
by Aprilisa Designs

I also used these awesome layerey goodness templates on another layout that you previously seen. But just to show it again along with the templates....here it is:

(kit: My Little Guy Kit by Etc. by Danyale)

Have a great Saturday! I will be doing what I can to make the best of my day!

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