She's Back!!

Happy Sunday! :) I am happy. Last day of my work weekend. Woot! Lets make the best of it! Running out the door to work. But...I dont know if you heard or not. Gina Cabrera is back! For those who dont know Digital Design Essentials took a little break from designing and now she is back and got a freebie to boot! :) But I am not just going to stop there. Here are some awesome items in her store!

Hello, Summer
by Digital Design Essentials

Headed to the beach or just enjoying all your bright summer activities. Hello Summer's just the kit to add a slice of summer to all the memories you'd love to preserve. *This kit was included in the July 2010 Idea Notebook

Photographic Memory
by Digital Design Essentials

We're always taking photos of the events in our lives. Add a little vintage charm (and a cute mustache for Uncle Joe) to your layouts and projects with Photographic Memory. *This kit was included in the August 2010 Idea Notebook

I hope you have a fantastic day! See you Monday.

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