4 Days until My Birthday!

Wow. I cant believe that in 4 days it will be my 28th birthday and September. That's just crazy!! I was looking around for awesome birthday kits. I know there are great boy birthday kits out there. I have scrapped with nearly every one of them. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But you get the idea. I was looking around for some awesome girly ones. I hardly ever get to scrap the pretty girly ones. I was blown away by them. I dont know where to start or what to pick. These are some of my favorites. I dont know what I am going to pick. (I will probably pick more than one) But I thought I would show everyone else some amazing birthday kits while I was looking around.

It's My Party
by WM [squared] Designs

I really love the colors scheme of this kit!! Very girly but just the perfect hint of boy to scrap everyone. I love the chandelier and the metal elements. Such a diva birthday kit!

by Inspired Designs and Flutter Expressions

I love the bright but shabby feel to this kit. The papers I love love love!! Pattern papers can sell me on a kit quicker than just about anything. Look at those awesome papers. Plus I am a fan of banners. :)

A Girl's Perfect Birthday
by Jady Day Studio

I am a huge fan of anything Yari does. Even if I dont have a single photo to scrap with it...I want it. :) All her kits have such a realistic feel to them. I love the rich colors to this kit. And boy oh boy at the ribbons and the balloons!! That would make anyone happy. But what about all the sweets too?!? Yummy!

Party Time
by Pure Creativity Designs

I have always been a fan of this kit. The touch of brown is a great touch!! Again...love love the pattern papers. That will sell me every time! I am a sucker for polka dots. :) I also really like the doodly feel to this kit.

Life of the Party by Dani Mogstad

I am generally against orange. But this one caught me because of the orange. I love the color scheme of this kit. The orange and the dark grey (Even though its edging towards that TN colors. lol) looks really great together. Not to mention, this kit has a more adult feeling to me. The papers.....♥! I think its the fantastic papers that give it more of an adult feel. And I guess since I am getting closer to 30.....lol.

Hip Hip Hooray Full Kit by Captivated Visions

I couldnt do this post w/o my favorite designer. :) Plus...I love this kit. It is such a fun kit!! It has a very Un-Birthday feel to it. Every thing swiggly and doodly and a very Happy Un-Birthday!! Just too fun!! : )

So those are just a few of the kits that caught my eye. Like I said. I have no idea how I am going to narrow it down. I might just get them all. lol. seriously. So....here's to 4 more days of being 27. :D

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