Day Lit

Soo...I am a big reader. Well, in fact my hubby and I are both big readers. He had his kindle and I read paper books and ebooks when I am not able to read paper books. I don't remember how but I stumbled upon an awesome site about 2 months ago. It is called DailyLit. This site allows you to read books online via email or RSS. How awesome is that?!? They are usually public domain books. But still. I am currently re-reading "Pride and Prejudice" I am having parts of the book emailed to me every day. I changed my setting to have the longest instalments sent to me. It allows me to read at my desk on lunch since I usually have eaten by midnight. And for the people who spend so much time at the desk, it is a nice break from what we are doing. Be it work, home work, scrapping, or designing. Take a little a little bit. You don't have to worry about a stopping point. It stops it for you. :D
Oh and for those who ♥ Pride and Prejudice like me. Who have a soft spot for Mr Darcy. Check this out (Five Reasons Why Mr. Darcy Can’t Satisfy Today’s Woman). I am not exactly sure that I would put up with him if I had to. But I guess that is why it is fiction after all. ;)
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