Hello! I have been a bit quite this weekend. I have actually been sick. The joys of motherhood. You get to share the kisses, the hugs, and the sickies. {sigh} and I have the immune system of...well I dont know really. Something with a really bad one. If someone around me is sick, I am going to get it! I have been in bed or on the couch nearly all weekend. Which stinks because it has been beautiful this weekend and Jerr was going to take me out for my birthday. I did get to watch football though. So not too much complaining. :D I am stopping by before going back to bed to show you some awesome peaks into something great. And they are a great deal too!!
September is a great month. (my birthday as you now know. lol) but it is also JennCk's digiscrap anniversary. She is celebrating in a big way. She has THREE awesome *limited time * grab bags in her stores. These are "grand" grab bags. :D Well, just check them out. (images are linked to the store and she has the full reveal there as well. I ♥ when designers do that!)

and here is Isaiah and one of his grandpa's other wise known as Paw Paw:

and here is me and my awesome grandma (otherwise known as MeeMaw)

I just ♥ her templates!! and this is how versatile the kit is. Perfect for scrapping my silly guys (using one of the templates): thanks for stopping by! I am off to bed now. Cheers!

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