ME! :D That's right. Today is my birthday. I wish I had something in honer of my birthday to giveaway, but I don't. I was too tired this weekend to make anything. I'm sorry. I did get all my CT duties done, so I should have a freebie next weekend though. I am 27 today. Sliding down the hill to 30 pretty fast. I don't think it bothers me. Nah, it doesn't bother me. Ask me in 3 years. HA. Well, I am going to show you something pretty, then head off to bed, then go to work tonight. No rest for the birthday girl.
A great birthday present is a great digi friend of mine is back scrapping! :D Lisa of Aprilisa Designs is baaaack. :D She took a little break from designing. But she is back and the featured designer and DSC. Check it out and her new adorable kit (images are linked to her store):

Well that's it for me today. I am off to sleep my birthday away. Not that I totally mind. I really like to sleep. It is the getting up to go to work afterwards part that stinks. :P Cheers!

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