The Prince

I dont mean Isaiah this time. :) So....This summer, Jerr and I have been watching America's Got Talent. We have never watched it before. We only started watching it because there was nothing on tv. We figured we would watch the start of it. The really funny awful ones. You know what I mean?!? I am addicted! And yes, I have my favorite. Now don't laugh and don't judge. (Like I did when I first saw him) know, if you have seen shows like these, you see someone like this walk out on stage he is either going to be absolutely fabulous or awful. When you first see the guy, he is a very normal guy. Then he walks out on stage.....My jaw dropped open and I just stared from the tv to Jeremy. I was like "is this for real?!?" Then he started talking....then said his name....just watch...all of it. :D
Prince Poppycock...who sits down and comes up with this persona and then says....."I am going to name that persona "Prince Poppycock!" Here is his bio from AGT's sight:
"John Quale has been singing from the time he could speak. As a teenager he developed a love for writing music. Enamored with David Bowie, Depeche Mode, opera, madrigals, Gilbert and Sullivan, the Smiths and Gregorian chant, he started to write and record his own music. In 2006, Prince Poppycock was born. While he was studying opera, he completed learning the Figaro aria, "Largo al factotum." He was asked to perform the aria at a nightclub where he was required to wear a wig to perform. He decided to perform as a powdered-wigged baroque dandy, to highlight how the song was about being a fabulous hairdresser. He was an instant hit and is extremely excited to bring Prince Poppycock to America's Got Talent's stage."
But all that aside, he is awesome!! I think I could sit and listen to him sing for a few hours. I just smile from when he walks out on stage until he is done. He has made it until the finales. I hold my breath every time he comes up to the voting off part. Check out his last performance:

Thats it for today....I will be back to scrapping next time. :D

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