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Good morning. Well, I am so glad that yesterday was my last 24hr Friday....What?!? That's right!! I will work Monday & Tuesday night and then I am DONE with 3rd shift. After 5 years of it (and Isaiah's entire life) I am moving shifts. I am going to weekend day shift. I will be working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I know most people would want to be off on the weekend. But I much rather be a mom and a wife. That is my hearts desire! So, I will be off for Thanksgiving for the 1st time in 5 years. Since it always falls on Thursday and I always worked on Thursday, I get it off this year. Only down side, Jerr set up to work it nearly a year ago because I was going to be and I will have to work this Christmas. Had I stayed on my old shift, I wouldn't have. But, you can't have it all, right? I get to be Mommy 24/7 Monday - Thursday (i know, no easy task mind you. I get to potty train too! woot. lol) and get to see the Hubs when he gets off work Monday - Thursday and when I get off work the rest of the week. No more calling Isaiah and telling him night night over the phone. No more seeing Jerr and Isaiah for 30 mins in the morning and Jerr 15 mins after work, and that's it. I couldn't be happier!!!

Ok, on to scrapbooking! :) I have two kits to show you today. These will get you totally in the holiday spirit! Not quite ready for Christmas yet? Never fear, Marshmella Designs has the cutest Thanksgiving/thankful kit out. I am not just saying that because I ♥ her and I am on her CT. I seriously think this is the best one I have seen. I adore the color scheme and the turkey.... I want to print him out and put him up on my wall. lol. Check out this awesome kit. (There is a whole bundle in here store too!)

You are in the mood for Christmas? (I am too. lol) Check out Pixie Perfect Designs' new Christmas kit " Sugar Cookies and Snowflakes" Ummm yeah! Who doesn't love sugar cookies and snowflakes? Well, maybe if you are stuck in snow ( I hope no one I know is!) maybe you don't like snowflakes...but I do! Love the colors of this kit and the cute krafty feel. Check it out:

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