That's right. I think I am one of the few people in the world that is happy that it is Monday. :) After a very draining weekend at work, I am now off for 4 days. It fees so weird to be awake, on a Monday, when the sun is up. Well, the sun really isnt up to much. It is really wintry looking outside. Just need some snow and it really would.
I think I am going to like the new shift. The work on weekend days seems to be a lot more draining. It is go-go-go and more people are awake. Therefore more people can call me. And in my field my phone calls usually start out with "We have a problem" Nothing like a 13 hours shift of that. But honestly, it is all worth it. I feel so much better already from not sleeping during the day and I am enjoying spending the evenings with my guys and so far Isaiah and I are having a good day. He hasn't left my side. (I can't even pee in peace. lol)
Here is some scrapping goodness for today. Taking a break from all things seasonal. Here is an awesome kit and template set from JennCk Designs. This kit is really a La'Shawn kit. The colors are something I would actually wear. I really love the worn look to the kit as well. So cool! The templates rock (as usual) I love the layering. Every time I use her templates, my pages just turn out perfect. Check out the designs and my pages "Concrete Sunrise - Kit" and "Rex and the Kitty Template Pack" :

Thanks for stopping by! ♥ La'Shawn
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