Grumpy Gus!

Monday!!! Yay!!!
Who is happy for Monday? Me! :) 5 days until Christmas too. Are you ready? :)
Well Monday is my veg out days. So, I am going to make this short and then go back to vegging. No really, I am going to make it short. lol.
Last week Laura {simply.scraps} and Jennifer Fox Designs teamed up to bring an awesome kit! A perfect kit for Mommy's! Well, for Mommy's, wife's, or anyone who has had a bad day really. :) I think they put it perfectly: "perfectly loud and WAY moody. Our kids all have their moments of hysterics and drama. It's so important to document those moments, maybe even more than the happy ones! Even if only to look back at and laugh about!"
Check out "Crabby Kid"

and here is my grumpy little boy:
Thanks for stopping by and I hope your day is better than his ^ lol

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