In The Spirit

Good Morning! I am totally blown away that today is DECEMBER! In 17 days my little boy will be 3 years old. Tomorrow we will be having his birthday party. 24 days it will be Christmas. 29 days this year will be done and over with. I am just crazy blown away at thinking about all that. I know this month is also going to be crazy. Christmas, Birthday, & New Years. Happens every year though. lol.
I thought I would start this December with some photos of Christmas and the upcoming birthday boy. I really can't believe he will be 3 years old. {sniff sniff} Here are some photos of the awesome Christmas lights we saw while driving around and the Christmas birthday boy himself.

He is quite adorable (even though I am a bit biased. lol) and can you imagine the electric bill or trying to sleep with all those lights at that house? It's beautiful but a bit much! He even lets you get out and walk around his whole yard. No thank you! lol
Hope everyone has a great start to their December!

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