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Good Friday morning. I hope this finds everyone well. It finds me recovering. I really hate being sick. But, it seems to be a part of my life. You think I would be used to it by now. Anyway, there is so much digiscrap newness out today. Besides being my first day of the weekend. I love Friday's because most of the goodies come out that day. I just hear my email dinging on my phone with all those newsletters calling me to spend that money. :) Well, I am going to tempt you today as well. :) That is what I do best. I am a dig-temptress. ;) 
Truman Studio has a new set of goodies out today. They go along greatly with the last two kits she designed. I, of course, used the boy set. But I will link you up to the girl set too. So check out:
by Truman Stuido

Take your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary with the click of your mouse. These clip masks have words that are perfect for all those pictures of your boys. These clip masks are created at 4X6 measurements so that they work with project life or any layout that you have in mind. They can also be used on any prints you choose to actually print out as well. Includes: 5 Clipped Masks 1 Paper backer (to add your paper to if you wish)
And here is the link to the girly version:

( used: Reach For The Sky - Templates by Aprilisa Designs )

These clipped masked, although go great with anything (even outside of scrapping), are matched to go with Aly's latest kits. I used he boy kit for mine. Check out:

by Truman Studio
Kids change their minds faster then you can say "Not It!" It could be chocolate today and vanilla tomorrow. Block are out, Engines are in. Interview them and record their likes and dislikes before you, and they, forget them! 
And if you are in the market for girly make sure you check out her Friends for Life kit (there are links to the bundle and mini on that page too)
Well, that is it for me today. I am going to take it easy and hang out, probably on the couch and in the bed, with my guys today. Nothing like a pure lazy day!! Yay!! Catch ya later!!

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