Serene Snowfall

Good morning! I hope this finds everyone well. I am sick. :( My sinuses are kicking my rear. Or kicking me in the head really. sigh. But I didnt come here to complain. I came here to show you a really awesome, snowtastic, new kit! 

‘Serene Snowfall’ by With Love Studio 
 ‘Serene Snowfall’ by With Love Studio is just another reason to go outside, play in the snow and be a kid again…don’t forget your camera!! This kit is packed with childhood fun elements to enhance those playful moments, with their snowmen embellishments, glittery snowflakes, mittens and snow hats, and lots of fun ribbons. Who can forget about making snow angels or the wind howling snow all around, well, they have those too and jolly scatters. The papers are perfect with their colorful, playfulness to help make those pictures pop. This kit is filled so much that you can have fun creating more than one layout without using the same embellishment twice. 
And here is my layout using this fun kit:
We havent had any snow yet this winter! I am kinda bummed about it. Bug is really bummed about it. It is supposed to get down below 20 degrees tonight. So, if it plans on doing anything, now is the time! It is actually starting to feel like winter. Seeings how Saturday it was almost 70 degrees. Geez, no wonder I am sick. sigh. Anyway, I would go grab this kit. It is a whole lot of cute kit for not a whole lot of $$. :) 
See ya later! 
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