Sickies and Snow

Hello! Some crazy stuff going on in my neck of the woods. We got about 8 inches of snow Sunday night/Monday morning. Pretty awesome. The snow came up to Isaiah's knees. It was so funny to watch him walk in it. It was like when a dog gets something on their foot and they walk funny. That is how Isaiah was walking in the really deep snow. :)
We were also sick all week last week. A great way to start the new years, huh? Started out with Jerr just coughing, then Isaiah got sick, and then me. Isaiah was real sick new years eve. He had strep throat. I ended up getting sick that following Sunday. Running a 102 fever. That stinks. I didnt get strep, but I did get bronchitis. So here is week 1 for project 52:

and here is Isaiah and I in the snow. (You can see him walking funny in the 1st one. lol)

Well, thanks for stopping by today. I am going to go play in the snow some more. Woot!
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