Week Round Up

Hello! Dropping by today to sum up my week. I am a bit behind on that. Here is this weeks' Project 52 photo. Isaiah checking out the beautiful snow:
To help keep me motivated and give me ideas, I am taking part in the Gotta Pixel P52 Challenge. They give you a challenge to help you each week. Last week was black and white and this weeks was Rule of Thirds. So far I have been able to scrap whatever I wanted to but just with a learning twist to it. Pretty cool.
This week started out cold and white. I wasnt exactly sure it was going to snow. I went to bed around 10pm Sunday night and it was just cold. I woke up around 5am (like a kid) and ran to the window. It was snowing and we already had around 4 inches. Isaiah and I woke up at 10am and we have a total of EIGHT inches. How crazy is that?!? We dont get that much snow around here. Of course, with that being said, everything is such down. Schools, roads, stores, and government. Since Jerr and I work in the trucking industry, he had to go to work. That is the one industry that is unsympathetic to road conditions. After all, our drivers drive all across America in all kinds of road conditions. Jerr had to be towed out of the drive way by a neighbor Monday to get to work and towed back in Monday night by family. He got out Tuesday well enough.
Other than the snow, really nothing to go on this week in the Bears household.
I will be back tomorrow with some scrappy goodness. I am quite behind in showing you the awesome goodies I have been scrapping with.
Until then!

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