Daddy Daddy & Color Pop

Happy Saturday. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and not melting. I shall not be melting. I will be closed up in a building for 13 hours. I think I rather melt. lol. But at least I have a job, right? :) I am pre-posting this and praying that this weekend is a grand on as far as work goes. Like I have said before. Work itself isnt so bad. It is just draining. And since I wear my emotions on my sleeve and my stress on my shoulders, I am pretty beat down by the end of it. But, coming off a vacation, I am doing pretty darn good! :) But that isnt why I came here today. I came here to show off. lol. Show off some designers' fab work. So here ya go!
Jen C Designs and Victoria Feemster have a great collab in stores this week. Of course it is just in time for Father's Day. This kit celebrates the fathers in our lives. It is full of all you need to scrap the special moments of your childhood or of your children and their dad. Check out

Daddy Daddy {collab}
Here is my layout:
Of course I used a template! :) The template junkie I am and all. Can you guess who by the style? She is a pretty cool chicka with some pretty rockin' styles! I used Queen of Hearts newest template set out. It's another in her Color Pops set!!!! If you love layers then you will love these!!!! Check out

Color Pops V8
Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by.
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