Whew what a day....New Release Time!

Hello!! I am going to make this real quick. Well, quick for my rambly self. ;) Like the new look? You should know me. I dont keep a blog look longer than a few months. I did this one myself. (credits at the very bottom of the blog) I think this one is my all time favorite. I see myself keeping this one for a bit. It does say La'Shawn when you look at it. Anyway...why I am going to be quick is because I have had a pretty cruddy day! I took Bug and my nephew to the library. My nephew was an angel! He loves his "Shaw" However, Isaiah flipped out. I have never seen him like that. I am quite worried about him. I know he isnt around children much and doesnt know how to act around them. (It was a summer reading program they were having. So about 45 kids were there) He was screaming...I mean SCREAMING and crying at the library. Freaking out when anyone came near him. Falling to the ground when his balloon would fall. I was a tad embarrassed but more freaked out than anything. Like scared! I had no idea what was wrong. Still dont. So I am worn out. Plus is it lighting right now. My MeeMaw would whoop me if she knew I was using technology while it was storming. Look at me. I said this was going to be short. lol.
On to new releases The DigiChick! Yay!! Not only do they have new releases this week. They have a new thing they are doing. I am excited! The Chick Fix! (I love when stores do this) Same color pattern items that you can mix and match, that are priced cheaper than normal, and perfect for the time of year we are in. The Chick fix is beautiful and summery this first time around and items are $1-$3. Run check them out!
Here are some of the non Chick Fix new releases:

Layer Upon Layer Vol. 1 Grab Bag
by Cluster Queen Creations and geniaBeana Scraps

(Kit: Who's Your Caddy? by Libby Pritchett)

(Kit: Sassy Pants {collab} from Victoria Feemster & Jen Yurko )

Americana Celebration Kit
Ect.by Danyale

Also used the above template grab bag on my layout as well as (linked):
I hope I didn't overload you & hope that you have a great day! I will stop by later. As always. I love blogging. It might not be until next week though. I am trying not to spend so much time at the computer.
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