The Voice

Have you watched this show? I never watched Idol. I only kinda kept up with it this past season because Lauren is from my home town. But I was really interested in The Voice. So, I started watching it. I am hooked. I love the idea of the blind auditions. Finding an artist completely based on their voice. There were some surprises. At one point Adam turned around thinking that it was a female when it was a man singing. That was funny. Then there was a husband/wife duo that came out. The coaches faces were funny when it switched to a females voice to a mans. :)
And that is another thing. They are "coaches" not judges. They do judge and they do eliminate. But they also coach. They dont just say "you are awesome" or "you suck" and wait for the next show. They help them, choose songs for them, and well coach them. The coaches are Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton. A wide range of coaches with their own strengths. The coaches are also competing against each other to find "The Voice" I personally think that Blake's team is the weaskest team. He has two girls that have some major stage fright, one man that I just cant put my finger on it but that it seems like he might be trying too hard and one country guy that is not only a cutie (Christina keeps saying she wants to take his pants off) that also can sing really well. Christina has a team full of women who are all like her. Power house voices. My favorite is on her team as well. Frenchie Davis. So far, I think she is the best. And Cee-Lo and Adam team is well matched. A diverse group of strong singers. They kept turning their chairs for the same people on the blind auditions.
I love love love when the coaches sing together.

and Christina's team (as well as Blake's team. But they didnt do as well) all sang together. I really loved this. They all did so well. But, I think Frenchie was the best.

This is actually the first one of this things I have voted for. Wanna guess for who? lol. Oh, I cant leave this blog post without saying...I have a new celeb crush. The more I watch this show and with every time they show him, I get a bigger crush on Adam. *sigh*
Right?!? :) Ok, I will stop. Hope you are having a good day and possibly addicted like me.

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