About Me: Part 4

Another week, another about me post. :) I am going to jump right into it today.

#10-Something you're afraid of
I think I have the fears that most wives and mothers have. That something will happen to the ones they love. I pray daily that it never does. I am also quite a fearful person. I am afraid of: airplanes, the dark, jumping bugs, needles, ants, loosing my mind (seriously), and people thinking I am dumb. Just to name a few.

#11-Favorite TV shows

#12-What you believe
This is kinda vague. Believe in what? I am guessing it is talking about religious views. I am christian but do not believe one set denomination. I believe that God created and send his Son to die for our sins. I truly believe that. I was raised in church and had it preached to me my whole life. It was always something I knew. But wasn't always something I believed.

My goals are to eventually become a full SAHM and to raise a well rounded boy into a man. Simple goal. :)

#14-A picture you love

Seriously? What's not to love about this photo?!? My husband lovingly looking at his first born son not long after he was born.
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