Project 52: Week 12

What a good week! I had the best weekend I have had at work last weekend. For work, it was good!! I got up Friday morning with a determination not to let it get to me. To have a better attitude and I think if I heard "You seem better." once, I heard it 5 times a day those three days. It is amazing the difference my own attitude made in the weekend!
This week Isaiah and I had fun together. Got out of the house more than normal. Enjoyed BEAUTIFUL weather. Not got to see as much of Jerr as I would like though. :( That is always a bummer!! I did enjoy a fantastic day with my Mom and my sister! We honestly couldnt remember a day that all 3 of us had gone out together last. (that is kinda sad. But will be a thing of the past!) We went shopping for the boys some clothes and then had some awesome Mexican food. Of course with lots of talking!! It was wonderful! We will have to do it again real soon.
While us girls (and one tiny little boy) went out and had some fun, the mobile boys and one Daddy-O (Paw Paw) had their fun. My mom and sister pegged exactly what they would do. It was so funny. But they had a blast. But we came back to my parents house and the boys played on their new rocking horse. Beat up on each other a bit. I got pee'd on by the littlest one. Took some photos. Called it a day. A wonderful day!

Here is my photo for week 12:

I love that Isaiah is grinning ear-to-ear (and not to me. to his Paw Paw) That Ethan is looking at me and you can so see that he is saying "cheese" and that he is holding his little brother. And they are all 3 just the cutest things ever!
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