Project 52: Week 9

Howdy! I am stopping by today for project 52. I have had a really good week and I am anxiety free today. That is a first Thursday in a really long time. I am also pretty productive too. Especially since I have a headache. But that is PMS for you. Just got to grin...bear it...and move on.
It has been such a beautiful week this week. Well, Monday it was rainy, windy, and they were calling for tornadoes. Isaiah loved it. He is a bit of a weirdo. lol. The rest of the week it has been beautiful!! 60+ degrees and sunny. Isaiah and I spent some time outside. He loved it. Zoomed around on his tractor (never holding on) He would jump off and ask for his photo to be taken. Then we through the ball around. He tried to learn how to ride his bike, that he affectionately calls his scooter. He gave up. Carried across the yard. Gave it a hug....then kissed it. Yep. Kissed it. lol. It was wonderful!
Off to work tomorrow though. {sigh} 3 days. Then I am going to get my hair cut Monday. Clean out the garage. Then visit family the rest of the week. I have a sister with a new baby that I miss and a MeeMaw that I havent seen in ages!
I hope everyone has a great rest of their week and enjoys their weekend!

Here is my P52 photo. Isaiah and I enjoying the weather:

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