Bones (a long post & *Spoilers*)

Alright, so I am back with my thoughts...if you care. :) I am sorry if you dont like Bones. It is one of my most favorite things and is my most favorite TV show. ♥ If you havent watched this season or it's finale, stop reading. There will be spoilers in this post. Don't say I didnt warn you. ;)
So...I made sure I had everything done by the time this came on. I tried to stay away from all the blogs that I normally read. I had heard that there were massive spoilers out there. Now, I am usualy the one that likes to know what I am getting for Christmas and my birthday. Not so much with this. Mr Bear dropped Bug off at his parents house (like normal Thursday nights) and came back home in enough time to watch it with me (not normal. lol)
Poor Angela is past her due date and weirdly pregnant looking. I guess that maybe what super duper skinny chicks look like pregnant and past her due date. lol. She was doing all she could to speed up the impending meeting with their little one. Hodgins finding out that he is a sissy when it comes to spicy food (like my hubby) Any time Angela came into the scene to say something Hodgins would think she was going into labor. Until....she actually was. He was too absorbed in the murder investigation (oh yeah! There was one of those too. ha!) to notice. He acts all weird and then freaks out like he did in the past...."where's my keys?!?!?" lol.
I am very glad that Angela & Hodgins baby was not blind. I honestly thought that it would be. Some people were tossing around the idea that it would die! Crazy...I know. But I didnt think the writers would do that. I honestly thought they would make him/her blind in order to have them use their special talents in their parenting. Instead they had a really sweet moment together (the last as a couple b4 the baby) about those special moments. Those things that , if he/she happened to be blind he/she would be blessed b/c of having such amazing parents. By the was a boy! Woot! As a mommy of a boy. I was happy about that! They name? Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins Perfect right? Michael like he wanted. Staccato like her Dad wanted. Vincent after poor Vincent.
And here is where it gets interesting. After the murder was solved (remember, there was one in this episode. lol) Brennan and Booth go to the hosiptal. Brennan goes to the room with Angela and asks her "How it felt" I thought that was a weird question. Something that someone who is preggers asks a friend. But it's Brennan after all. Her social skills are a bit off. But then Booth and Brennan are walking and talking about the baby and she starts looking all weird. I KNEW IT! AT THAT MOMENT I KNEW IT! I dont know why the entire show it didnt even dawn on me. I thought they would probably write Emliy's pregnanys in the show. I wasnt expecting it this season! But when she told him she was pregnant. He just looked at her. She then said "and you're the father." He kept looking at her. Then it happened. The biggest & most infectious smile ever spread across his face. Then she smiled and it was over. *sigh* I was holding my breath, shoving Jeremy, and crying. I am so happy!
They did get together after Vincent died. (It wasnt sniper sperm either folks. The writers have said this episode was about a month after Vincent died) So there you have it. They finally got together. Not only that, but they are going to be parents. we have to wait until next season (sob!) to see them together as a couple....and as parents.

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