Well, I just got finished watching the season finale of Bones. OMG! I honestly didnt see that coming this early. Not this season. I am not going to spoil it for anyone since it only ended like 20 mins ago here on the East coast. I will post more on my thought of the whole thing next week. But, let me just say, I was crying, happy, and nearly fell of the couch at it. Mr. Bear asked my why I was crying. But I dont care. I ♥ it!! Look at these faces. How could you not be happy?

I so will be re-watching this next week and then will be back to talk about it. Now...I am off to bed. 4am comes way too early and I have a 13 hour work shift to boot. *sigh* Why do I have to work and why does Bones have to be off until Fall?!?

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