Jerr's Pick of the Week

Yay!! It's back. Jerr's pick of the week. It is where I have my hubby go to my ever growing stash of kits and pick one out for me to scrap. Non Ct! I get so caught up in all my oodle and boodles of CT goodness that my stash gets forgotten sometimes. Well, a lot of the time. Not that I begrudge my CT duties. I ♥ my CT duties in fact!! I am on CTs that I would buy from and have bought from. :) I just have MANY others that I also buy from as well. I would bonkers to be on more CTs than I already am. Anyway....this is a way to have my stash get some much needed love. (I also can't pick myself. I pull up my "to be scrapped stash" and just ogle at it. lol

Out of the (I am not going to admit how many) amount of kits I have Jeremy's pick is....

A Pirates Life For Me by Flutter Expressions

I am glad he chose this kit!! Yay!! I have a few pirate kits in my stash. Bug was a pirate for Halloween last year. But this one was my favorite. I love the skull and cross bones in it. The ship was pretty awesome too! I also love the little boy elements. They remind me of my little pirate.
Speaking of my little pirate. Here is my LO with this awesome kit:
(Click HERE for full credits)

I asked Mr. Bear why he chose what he did. His response was "Uh. I like it." lol. I can't expect more than that. The sweetheart sat down and pilfered through way too many kits and picked one. Not many men would. To tell me why (so I could write about it. lol) might be a bit much. But since he is a guy. And it is a pirate kit. I am going to go with....

We gotta get out to that dig site and see what else we can find. (eagerly) I’ll be glad to help.
BOOTH: That’s okay. I’ll – I can handle it.
HODGINS: Come on, man, share the wealth!
BRENNAN: We are looking for answers, Jack, not treasure.
BOOTH: Do you really think that treasure exists down there?
HODGINS: What do you think?
(Hodgins and Booth both start laughing; they exchange a look with Zack, who’s also amused. Brennan gazes at them, a humoring yet mildly confused expression on her face.)
BRENNAN: Why are you guys smiling?
BOOTH, ZACK and HODGINS: (at the same time) Pirates!
BOOTH: Ha. Yeahhh.
ANGELA: It’s a guy thing, sweetie.

ha ha ha....I am quite obssessed with Bones. But really, this is what I thought about when I got "Uh, I like it" and no other reason. lol.

That's all for me today. Hope everyone is having a great day!!
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