New Guy Kits

Happy Friday to you. lol. I hope to be at a nice easy day at work when this posts. It is always hit or miss when I go in. There is honestly no happy medium. It is always 90 to nothing from 6am to 7pm or doing nothing all day. I used to hate being bored for that I will take it. Happily. Give me boring any day! lol.
I am really stopping by to show you some great boy kits. I am always looking for some great boy kits to scrap with. Since I am the only female in my house. :)
First up is Yay Baby by Rhonda Sunflower Designs. The colors of this kit are so fun and bright. No girly flowers to fill this kit up. Stars and stickers. It is just a great boy kit! I loved it as soon as I saw it! Check it out:

Up next is a awesome boy kit! It is dark and full of skulls. I thought of Jerr when I first saw it but he hardly lets me take photos of him. So, I scrapped my little rebel. lol. Check out CRK's No Angel and the Add-On:

Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy your weekend! :)
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