Project 52: Week 7 & 8

I didnt take many photos last week. Isaiah and I was sick...again. Sigh. We where lying on the couch all snuggly and I remembered I needed to take this weeks photo so I pulled out my phone and took the photo. Hence the bad quality, only half my face (I had not taken a shower at this point, was sick, and for sure had no make up on) You wont get many photos like this of me.

I did take TONS of photos this week. I would think 200 maybe. I had a good reason to though. I am an Auntie again. Yay!!! My younger sister had her 2nd little boy Monday. And boy he is a cutie. Another little boy to steal my heart. Isaiah has two little cousins now. Both boys. They are a group of heart breakers!! That is the photo I chose for this week:
I had to show off some more though.
Big brother waiting on his baby.... "paging Dr Big Brother!"

Proud Auntie again (with no make up)

Big brother checking out "his baby"

And baby opening his eyes checking out the world

So as you can see, I have had one busy week. Tomorrow I go back to work. {sigh} Trying to keep my normal Thursday anxiety down. So far...isnt working. :(
I hope everyone had a great week!
If anyone else is doing a Project 52 or 365, link me up!
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