Project 52: Week 6

I got a few photos this week of different things. This was my favorite. Isaiah hopped up on my lap while I was at the computer and asked if I would take his photo.
He has gotten so big the past few weeks. I guess that happens if you actually eat! Well something besides chicken nuggets. Love this boy with those big brown eyes!
That was the P52 photo I decided on. But there were lots of silly photos. I couldnt leave without showing off what I get the pleasure of spending my day with. My silly goose!
He really gets into his laughing and LOVES to laugh!!

He has done this since he was like 1 year old. I dont know why he likes to open his mouth for the camera. It's weird really. lol

I told him I wanted to hold him like my little baby. Like he was snuggly sleeping baby. So he snuggled up to me and acted like he was asleep....complete with snoring. lol. That is what this photo was.

And rounding it all up with a "peace!" yup. my 3 year old tells people "peace!"
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