Here I am!

Well really I am at work. lol. Probably still sick. Ugh. But I pre-posted this so everyone can see Marshmella's new bundle. I think this is my favorite of her's to date. That will probably change with the next one. lol.
"Here I Am Bundle" is the Here I am kit, alpha, word art, and the templates all bundled into one. If you dont want the whole shebang you can grab each piece you want in her STORE.
This set is an awesome color scheme. Blue and yellow! Love it! The templates are all clustery and cut out. I loved the way they made my pages look. It is all about me...well! I am a fan of AAM pages. I think we stay behind the camera too much and don't scrap ourselves enough. I also use them as therapy. Just my thing. Check out this bundle! :

and I couldnt just stop with one page with this set. I scrapped two. Kinda side-by-side pages. I scrapped myself and my best friend. I took our favorite quotes (well one of the few we have) and scrapped them with us. Here we are:

Some pretty hot ladies, right? ;)
until next time!

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