New Release Friday - Template Style! :)

Good morning. I should be at work when this posts. booo! But not to harp on that & to get right to some awesome new they are!
It's is a lot of template, new, & scrappy goodness!
Lilacs in Bloom has a fantastic new set of templates out this week. Full of color and lots of fun! You will come away with your pages looking different than any other page you have done and totally happy with the outcome! Check out Cherry Bomb:

The Queen of Hearts also has a new
line out today. Polyester Bride templates and the Urban Grunge set. Such pretty colors and the Urban Grunge set has been kicked up a notch with pretty ellies on it!
Check them out:
Polyester Bride Templates
Urban Grunge~Polyester Bride

Hope you enjoyed the template goodness. Run over and fill up those carts!!
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